How we remove of honey bees

Locate the Bee Hive

Locate the honey bee hive

The first step is to locate the nesting area in the man-made structure. Often considerable investigation with specialized tools is required to locate the exact location of the beehive within the structure.

Access the Bee's Nest

Access the bees nest

Once located, we develop an excavation plan to access the beehive in a way that will allow for structure reconstruction once the beehive has been removed. At this point we make sure our personal protective gear is secure and the surrounding area is clear of humans and pets.

Then we begin opening the wall where the bees are nesting. As we open the wall we carefully capture any bees we encounter in a specialized honeybee vacuum.

Vacuum the honeybees

vacuum the bees

This honeybee vacuum carefully sucks the bees into a beehive box where they await their relocation to their new home site.

Remove the Honeycomb

remove the honey comb

Once the beeswax combs are reached, they are carefully cutout. Then the bees are vacuumed off the combs and the useable combs are wired into wooden frames that can then be placed into the newly relocated beehive.

We Reconstruct and Seal the Structure

Locate the honey bee hive

After all the combs are cleaned out of the cavity and the bees are sucked into the honeybee vacuum, we reconstruct and seal the wall against recolonizing by other honeybees.

We Relocate the Honeybees

relocate to a honey bee hive

Once the honeybees within the mis-nested beehive have been carefully sucked into our honeybee vacuum, they are ready to be relocated to our apiaries near Austin, Texas.

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Relocation – Good Solution

  • Bees saved
  • Honey and wax combs removed
  • Structure sealedd
  • No re-infestation
  • More bees to pollinate

Extermination – Bad Solution

  • Beneficial bees killed
  • Leftovers draw insects and mold
  • Honey seeps into house
  • Old nest attracts new bees
  • Insecticide contaminates
  • Other beehives harmed
  • Fewer bees to pollinate flowers

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