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We are beekeepers with over 30 years of experience in the Austin area. We are dedicated to the live removal and relocation of honeybees in conflict with human activity. We are registered with the State of Texas Apiary Inspection Service to perform live honey bee removal and relocation.

Our Bee Handling Methods

Our professional bee removal protocol assures your safety during the delicate bee removal process. We gently remove the bees and relocate them in our apiary outside Austin TX.

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Live Bee Removal Specialist

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Relocation – Good Solution

  • Bees saved
  • Honey and wax combs removed
  • Structure sealed
  • No re-infestation
  • More bees to pollinate

Extermination – Bad Solution

  • Beneficial bees killed
  • Leftovers draw insects and mold
  • Honey seeps into house
  • Old nest attracts new bees
  • Insecticide contaminates
  • Other beehives harmed
  • Fewer bees to pollinate flowers

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