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Beekeepers with over 30 years of experience in live removal and relocation of honey bees in the Austin Texas area and beyond.

6 Reasons to Choose Us For Live Honey Bee Removal and Relocation?

1. Phone Estimates

2. Rapid Response

3. Complete Service with Full Warranty

4. Over 30 Years of Experience in Austin area

5. Insured for Your Protection

6. Registered with the State of Texas Apiary Inspection Service to provide live honey bee removal and relocation

How We Remove and Relocate Live Honey Bees

  • We locate the beehive in your wall
  • We carefully open the wall and remove the bees alive
  • We remove the beeswax combs
  • We reconstruct and seal the wall to prevent re-infestation
  • We relocate and reestablish the bees enabling them to continue their valuable work
  • We guarantee YOU will be happy and the bees will be happy.
  • We also remove Bees in Trees

Relocation versus Extermination

Africanized honey bees are a serious threat in Texas

Since crossing the Rio Grande River in the early 1990s, the Africanized honeybee has successful colonized much of Texas and is firmly entrenched in Central Texas. These unpredictably aggressive honeybees cannot be distinguished from the gentler domestic honeybees with the naked eye. Through crossbreeding with feral honeybees in Central Texas, our wild honeybee population has become much more volatile and aggressive.

Due to the unpredictable nature of some honeybee colonies, it is vital that great care be taken around any wild honeybee colony. It is prudent to contact a qualified beekeeper to assist in the inspection, removal and relocation of all wild honeybee colonies.

Attempting to remove or relocate the Africanized honey bees yourself can be dangerous. We have extensive experience handling these unpredictable and dangerous honey bees and are registered with the State of Texas Apiary Inspection Service to perform live honey bee removals. We are insured for your protection.


Recently we had Randy Oakley come to our house and remove a large bee hive that had been built inside one of the walls in our guest house. Randy and his son arrived on time and proceeded to find the source and remove lots of bees and honey combs from our ceiling. Fortunately the bees had built their combs where they could be reached with a minimum of disruption to the ceiling and wall. Randy vacuumed the area, put all materials back in place and left the room clean and orderly. The bees were taken to his bee farm and hopefully will live a productive life. I would highly recommend him for bee removal.
-Larry, Austin, Texas

Randy and his boys did a first rate job of analyzing the honeybee infestation within the walls of our house and completely removing the colony without damaging it. The space was then sealed. Cost was as proposed and it was clear to us that having made the commitment, they would do whatever it took to achieve success. And we got a lot of honey out of the deal! We should be delighted to speak to anyone wishing a reference prior to engaging Randy.
-Bob, San Marcos, Texas

Thank you so much, Mr. Oakley, for your help with the removal of bees from my home. I had talked with pest removal services when I discovered bees in the eaves of my home but as I researched it I learned that killing the bees was not my choice. I also learned that unless the honey and hives were removed and the area sealed I could likely expect a return of bees to that area.

I found your name and website online and called several beekeepers. I quickly settled on your business. Amy, the person who answered my initial questions and scheduled the appointment to assess my situation and removal was very helpful. She said that your work was guaranteed for one year on the same site and that my house would be returned to its starting condition. I was impressed with the knowledge of bees and the professionalism of you and your sons. On the day of my appointment you worked steadily and well removing the bees and afterward answered all my questions. You took pictures of the work, e-mailed them to me and invited me to call with any concerns.

I am enormously grateful to you for your help. I will not hesitate to call you if I should ever require your services. I will refer others to you as well.

Thank you again.
-Lin, Oak Hill, Texas

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Relocation – Good Solution

  • Bees saved
  • Honey and wax combs removed
  • Structure sealed
  • No re-infestation
  • More bees to pollinate

Extermination – Bad Solution

  • Beneficial bees killed
  • Leftovers draw insects and mold
  • Honey seeps into house
  • Old nest attracts new bees
  • Insecticide contaminates
  • Other beehives harmed
  • Fewer bees to pollinate flowers

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